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21 July 2006 @ 10:25 am
Hey, Empire, how's it going?  
moonfaerie77 told me she's unable to post here, so I was prompted to post a little something. Could it be the case the community is moderated, and that's why posts don't show up immediately? I think I remember now that they might be.

But either way, we could use more posts here. ;) I still go to Empire on Fridays, along with a lot of the "crew" I know there. I've branched out and now sometimes I'll have a coffee or Red Bull along with a mango lassi... not at the same time, of course. What are y'all enjoying there this summer? They do have incredibly good cookies and their wraps are delicious. I love the garlic herb chicken wraps. Maybe I'll have one tonight!

I still haven't been brave enough to try the bubble tea, but some folks really like it. I might have to try a 'dirty chai' sometime though, if only because of its name... *grin*

Talk to me/each other, Empire folks! It's the summer! There's gotta be something going on at Empire, right?
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